Live along with art and culture

We keep this principle with passion to love dance art from the establishment of a business.
We, Chacott, learned power that world top artists gave people dream and led to the impression in the history more than half a century.
To be genuine.  Believe new possibility.
This fundamental rule will never be changed even when we expand our business into “the richness of health and heart” as new stage from “art culture”.
The modern society is maturing to the times to find the richness of the heart through the material richness more and more.
In the world a dream.  The joy of life.
We provide the product, information, atmosphere and more various services with high ambition and technique.

Management philosophy

We, Chacott, want to be healthy and people to enjoy the lively life.
We create art culture and sports culture as a leading company of the fields of Dance,
Ballet and Fitness.  And we suggest and provide full service that is an expanse of merchandise, information and atmosphere.
We are looking for a partner those who can sympathize with our management philosophy.

Today we are doing wholesale business only for overseas delivery.
Please come in a contact with us for B to B wholesale inquiry.  And kindly present us your detail company profile in next phase.  It will be examined appropriately considering the market situation.  Then we will be pleasure to deal with you or proudly introduce you our great partners.
A good amount of every shipping volume and also annual minimum is being required for the direct international trading.  For more information, please contact us. And also present us your business profile accordingly.
Lastly, we truly appreciate outstanding expectation from individual customer all over the world.
Along with our partners, we will keep working hard to reach you soon.

Chacott Overseas Division

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