Dream is the start of everlasting.

A pair of worn pointe shoes, which no one could repaire, were put in front of a shoes store in Tokyo, 1950.  The 20-year-old young man who was full of curiosity that stopped it to eyes accidentally.
He obtained the pointe shoes from the shoes store and broke it and started to manufacture.
This encounter was a beginning of Chacott history (the company name was SEISHI-SYA when the company was founded).
More than 60 years have passed since that day.  We have never forgotten his passion for manufacturing at the time of the establishment of our business.  And then we always suggest and provide better products to meet customer’s demand.
There is no end in the stage of such our dream.  How can we provide higher level of service with high customer satisfaction?.  We keep soliloquizing over what we can do for next dream…
Chacott goes over the sea and steps forward to the new stage from now on.

The consistent systems from production to sale

Our integrated system like, product planning, design, production by own factory, direct store and membership registration supports the growth of Chacott.
We work hard to reflect customer’s demand to the product promptly by working together between production team and sales department team.  This is the feature of our operation as a market leader.
Chacott can meet customer’s demands timely by the staffs with professional minds and good working environment.

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