Donate to the affected population of earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku, Japan

Since March 11th, the North-East Japan has been in crisis facing to the terrible earthquake and tsunami. Chacott, as one of the world top manufacturer and retailer of Classic ballet and dance product, are taking action for emergency support for the victims of the North-East Japan disasters as the Chacott Dance Aid program.


※Here is the detailed information of the Chacott Dance Aid Program as below;
If you live outside of Japan, you can help those affected by the terrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan by making a donation to Civic Force via Chacott Dance Aid for Japan program – a charity established to respond to large scale natural disasters in Japan.Here, you can find the information on how to make a donation to as below;

Thank you for your generous offer. It is surely the source of encouragement for the affected population in Japan.


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